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Sonem 2000 in Action
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Guidelines and Procedures

The SONEM 2000

Detects the Emergency Vehicle Siren
Simple to deploy. Install it, tweak it and you´re done.
Hassle free. No lenses to clean.
Lower cost. No costly vehicle retrofitting.

The SONEM 2000 has changed signal priority for good.
The system´s detector detects the siren of an oncoming emergency vehicle and then...
1.- Determines the direction of the approaching vehicle
2.- Notifies the traffic controller of a request for a priority
3.- Clears the priority request once the vehicle has passed through the intersection


SONEM 2000 Special Features:
  • WINDOWS based software
  • Flash memory which can be accesed by PC or modem, for all uploads and downloads of data and software
  • 9,000 preemptions logged by date, time (start/ending), direction, siren type and elapsed time of the preemption
  • Graphic displays in real time of the siren frecuency, sound pressure levels (Db) and the cycle rates
  • Siren profiling determine if the siren meets the requirements for "Class A", Federal Registrations and State Statues
The SONEM 2000 is designed for use in NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and in Caltrans 170 cabinets and is easy to install. NEMA and CalTrans 170 compatible
Programmable features allow different specific settings at each intersection. Each channel can be adjusted locally or remotely to acount for:
  • Vehicle Distance
  • Siren type (yelp, wail, hi-lo) from all manufacturers
  • Siren frequency and period
  • The SONEM 2000 maintains a numeric log of signal preemption actions, power fluctuation and outgages, system resets and manual/simulated preemptions.
    All SONEM 2000 components are manufactured in the United States.
    The SONEM 2000 gives emergency vehicle operators the ability to pass quickly and safely through controlled traffic intersections.
    No vehicle retrofitting, lower life cycle costs, works in the fog and rain.

SONEM 2000 Specifications:
  • Components: Surface Mount, Intergraded Circuit Technology, Industrial Standard U.S. Build
  • Input Power: 170 24.V.D.C NEMA 95 - 130 V.A.C.
  • Back-up: I Lithium Battery (10 year Life)
  • Transfer Time: I ms (Converts sound energy to signal voltage)
  • Front Panel/Control: Siren Detection LED
    Preemption LED
    2 display characters for diagnostics
    Switches for manual preemption by direction
  • Memory: 4 MB Flash, 128k STATIC RAM
  • Event Logging: Up to 4,000 events can be stored in the non-volatile memory, each activation is recorded by date, time (start/ending), direction, siren type, and elapsed time or the preemption. Manual preemptions are recorded as manual.
  • Temperature Range: -40 to +85 Centigrade
  • Microprocessor: DSP TI TMS320C50PQA57
  • Communication: RS-232 using Sonic Quick Vu R3.2.1
  • CMOS Technology: No Proprietary Parts
  • Detector Cables: I twisted Pair, 18 Gauge, Shielded; Beldon 8760 or equivalent
  • Size & Weight: 170/2070 . 7" x 4.5" x 2.25" . 1.0 lbs.
    NEMA . 8" x 6.0" x 6.00" . 3.5lbs.
    NEMA-W . 8" x 6.0" x 7.00" . 4.0lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 Years


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