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The AirMATION Industrial Air Cleaner is a powerful air filtration system using a unique progressive four-stage filter system to effectively capture dangerous particulate contamination and gaseous pollutants. It is a proven way to control air quality in a diverse range of industrial and commercial settings. A fully automated front filter roll on the exterior of the unit removes the bulk of larger air-borne particulates. Inside the unit, a second filter panel removes smaller particulates. The third, ultra-fine glass fiber filter removes the most tiny hazardous particulates. Finally there is a gas filter to remove noxious and harmful gases as well as Volatile Organic Compounds from the air.


AirMATION Benefits:
  • Protect Employee Health and Safety
  • Continuous Cleaning and Recirculation of Clean Air
  • Conditional Air Saves Energy/Money
  • Low Cost, Easy Maintenance/No adjustements
  • Comply with Government Regulations
  • Optimize Operating Efficiency
  • Use with Open or Closed Doors
  • Improve Product Quality

AirMATION® provides the most effective solution to help you protect your personnel and neighborhoods from the dangers of diesel exhaust.

AirMATION® is GSA (General Services Administration) approved, SBA 8(a) certified (Small Business Administration), and R2 contract certified. It also meets and exceeds diesel exhaust removal standards set by NIOSH, EPA, NFPA, OSHA, USFA, and CSA. AirMATION® is FEMA Homeland Security Office of Domestic Preparedness grant compliant.

Learn how AirMATION® can you remove diesle exhaust and other harmful contaminants by reading the links below.

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5. How the Diesel Exhaust Removal System Works: Featuring Automatic Activation and Hands-Free Operation
6. Multi-Stage Filtering System
7. Low Maintenance, Long-Lasting Filters
8. AirMATION® Activation Features
9. Automatic Activation
10. Manual Mode Activation Control
11. Learn More about Using AirMATION® in Your Facility


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