The Sonem 2000 Detects EVERY Emergency Vehicle Siren

The SONEM 2000 has changed signal priority for good. The system´s detector detects the siren of an oncoming emergency vehicle and then...
    1.- Determines the direction of the approaching vehicle
    2.- Notifies the traffic controller of a request for a priority
    3.- Clears the priority request once the vehicle has passed through the intersection

Simple to deploy. Install it, tweak it and you´re done. Hassle free. No lenses to clean. Lower cost. No costly vehicle retrofitting.

The Sonem 2000

Advantages: Liability control through elimination or reduction of MVA’s involving emergency services vehicles, civilian vehicles and pedestrians while travelling through intersections. Reduces response times to the emergency scene.

System Overview: The Sonem system detects any approved electronic emergency siren and upon doing so, issues a request to the intersection traffic controller for a green light in that vehicle’s direction of approach. All other directions and pedestrian signals are held on red. Additional optional adjacent lights, called Verification Lights, provide visual acknowledgement that the system has been activated and the siren “captured”.

SCOPE: All department personnel assigned with the responsibility of driving vehicles equipped with audible and/or visual warning devices to emergency incidents.

SONEM 2000 Special Features:

    1.- WINDOWS based software
    2.- Flash memory which can be accesed by PC or modem, for all uploads and downloads of data and software
    3.- Clears the priority request once the vehicle has passed through the intersection
    4.- Graphic displays in real time of the siren frecuency, sound pressure levels (Db) and the cycle rates
    5.- Siren profiling determine if the siren meets the requirements for "Class A", Federal Registrations and State Statues

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