RGH Pacific Emergency Services (1999) is based in Kamloops, BC at 203 - 1159 12th Street. At RGH Pacific, we provide various products and services to fire departments, industry, municipalities and homeowners throughout Canada.

At RGH Pacific Emergency Services, we specialize in two main products, The AirMATION Industrial Air Cleaner and the life saving Sonem 2000. The well established traffic signal priority system! Make your traffic intersections safer.

The AirMATION Industrial Air Cleaner

The AirMATION Industrial Air Cleaner is a powerful air filtration system using a unique progressive four-stage filter system to effectively capture dangerous particulate contamination and gaseous pollutants. It is a proven way to control air quality in a diverse range of industrial and commercial settings. A fully automated front filter roll on the exterior of the unit removes the bulk of larger air-borne particulates. Inside the unit, a second filter panel removes smaller particulates. The third, ultra-fine glass fiber filter removes the most tiny hazardous particulates. Finally there is a gas filter to remove noxious and harmful gases as well as Volatile Organic Compounds from the air.

The SONEM 2000

The SONEM 2000 Detects the Emergency Vehicle Siren Simple to deploy. Install it, tweak it and you´re done. Hassle free. No lenses to clean. Lower cost. No costly vehicle retrofitting. The SONEM 2000 has changed signal priority for good. The system´s detector detects the siren of an oncoming emergency vehicle and then...

    1.- Determines the direction of the approaching vehicle
    2.- Notifies the traffic controller of a request for a priority
    3.- Clears the priority request once the vehicle has passed through the intersection

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