Fire DOS water driven proportioners! TheFireDOS will revolutionize your thinking when specking out your new truck.

The versatility of this pump from the truck mountable version to the mobile units in aviation and ground applications are unlimited.

  AirMATION is a World Leader in Air Purification and Effective Control of Diesel Exhaust Fumes in Firehouses and EMS Departments.

Our client base includes Fire/EMS Departments, Emergency Service Personnel, US Government Agencies, Engineers and Architects, Contractors, Public Works Superintendents, Vehicle Maintenance Managers, Law Enforcement, Hospitals and Schools.

  Sonem 2000. The well established traffic signal priority system! Make your traffic intersections safer!

The SONEM 2000 has changed signal priority for good.
The system?s detector detects the siren of an oncoming emergency vehicle and then...
1.- Determines the direction of the approaching vehicle
2.- Notifies the traffic controller of a request for a priority
3.- Clears the priority request once the vehicle has passed through the intersection

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