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FireFlex in Action
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FireFlex Tank Features:

  • Self Supporting; no frame or parts to assemble
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged industrial fabric which is mold and mildew resistant
  • Highly visible contrasting tank colors
  • Unique floatation collar design; no inflation required
  • Extra large diameter open top for easy helicopter bucket filling
  • Models/sizes available to suit all helicopter buckets
  • Low maintenance; easy to clean and repair
  • Multi-point tie down system for protection from rotor wash
  • Easy discharge through standard 3" NPT outlets
  • Quick and easy set up by 1 to 2 people, depending on size


Ground Application:
In ground operations, fire-fighters can use the FireFlex Tank as an emergency water reservoir, or as a readily available water source during prescribed burning.
The self-supporting FireFlex Tank may be easily filled from the nearest water source creating a portable water reservoir. In remote areas, the FireFlex Tank can be filled by pumping water from a natural source such as a stream or lake.

Aerial Application:
When Access to water supply is otherwise limited pilots who are heli-bucketing can quickly fill their buckets from a FireFlex Tank and proceed to the fire site. The FireFlex tank can be replenished with water while the pilot ferries between the water source and the fire site, therby maximizing valuable helicopter time.

Other Applications:
  • Potable water reservoir for camps(with optional potable water fabric)
  • Water relay tank
  • Long or short term water storage
  • Protecting urban interface exposures
Please note: If using exclusively for mixing foams and/or retardents use FireFlex Hazmat Tanks.

Accessories and Options:
  • Ball valves/fittings
  • Ground pads
  • Transport bags
  • Repair kits
  • Secondary internal impact pads available for large size tanks
  • Available drainage outlets ranging from 1" to 6"


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