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Thermo-Gel in Action
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Thermo-Gel®200L is a water gelling agent that aids water in structure protection, fire suppresion and retardation. It is a liquid concentrate, designed to mix quickly with water and work with eductors and most types of nozzles. Thermo-Gel®200L is an approved fire chemical with the USDA Forest Service for use with ground engines. It is non-toxic and safe for use on trees and vegetation.


Thermo-Gel®200L is highly effective in active fire fighting. The water used to fight the fire remains where it is needed, on the burning material. The Thermo-Gel®200L particles adhere to windows and all types of smooth surfaces. The fire is then effectively cooled and rapidly suffocated. Any homes or buildings which the flames have not yet reached are protected by a layer of Thermo-Gel®200L.



Thermo-Gel®200L effectively controls:
  • Wildland Fires: Thermo-Gel®200L can be used to extinguish wildland fires, leaving behind a coating of water gel that reduces re-kindling. The water gel coating on the fuel acts as an excellent fire barrier or firebreak. Thermo-Gel®200L will significantly extend the use of water
  • Private forestry fires: Effective for sawdust pile fires, logging fires,etc
  • Prescribed and controlled burns: Thermo-Gel®200L can also be used to protect trees, grass, vegetation, structures and other items within or outside the prescribed burn area
  • Training: Thermo-Gel®200L´s unique protection and cooling characteristics can extend training time while protecting areas not meant to be burned
  • Wildland-urban interface fires: Thermo-Gel®200L gives you extended protection time when protecting structures as well as the ability to quickly suppress approaching flames in remote areas
  • City and rural fires: Thermo-Gel®200L provides a heat-absorbing coating of gelled water that protects structures adjacent to the fire. Thermo-Gel®200L knocks down fire faster, requires less use of water and prevents rekindling
  • Tire fires: Thermo-Gel®200L extinguishes burning tires quickly, leaving a gel coating to prevent re-kindle
  • Cleans up easily: Thermo-Gel®200L rinses away from equipment easily with plain water

FireDos® Water Driven Proportioners


The FireDos®  will revolutionizes your thinking when specking out your new truck. The versatility of this pump

from the truck mountable version to the mobile units in aviation and ground applications are unlimited. This

offers a cost effective superior alternative to CAF systems. FireDos® will proportion all fire fighting

mediums at an extremely accurate percentage, which allows the firefighter to quickly suppress a fire

or provide a protective layer of gel by simply opening a valve.


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